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Check out our new to recruitment page if you're new to our world. If you already have six month's experience under your belt, you’re probably chomping at the bit for more knowledge and your next step up the career ladder. We'll help you get there in record time. It's one of the many reasons we're famous for promoting 80% of our managers from within.

We've got a sweet shop full of training goodies from e-learning to leadership courses. They're all geared up to ensure you smash your targets, achieve that all-important promotion and ultimately be a recruitment record breaker.

Been there and got the t-shirt

We have our very own in-house Learning & Development (L&D) team. It stands 15-people strong, much to the envy of other recruiters! Best of all, each and every team member has sales and recruitment experience. They've achieved success in their careers and enjoyed multiple promotions at Randstad....and they're ready to share the secrets of their success.

Our L&D team isn't holed up in head office in a grey training room. We're spread across the UK and we're armed with a world-class L&D platform. Our trainers understand the recruitment highs and they'll help you jump over those client and candidate hurdles. Our new L&D training room at Capability Green in Luton is bursting with energy and inspiration and it's a great platform to meet like-minded colleagues and our business leaders. Come and see for yourself!

Mastering your skills

Want to be a Jedi of recruitment? We run a series of courses, online and in person, to help refine skills and catapult you forward. There are also unforgettable team building events that are both adventurous and rewarding - plus another chance to learn away from an office environment. Senior consultants love our high impact masterclasses, perfect for picking up new techniques and sharing best practice.

We're also quick to respond to trends and new ways of working. Our LinkedIn hub has been described as a pot of gold.

Feel like you are ready to join the recruitment world? Apply now.

The leading edge

Set your sights high, we're happy to help. If you've got the hunger and the skills, we'll take you all the way to the top. We're quick to identify our future leaders and give them all the support they need. It's not a load of old waffle, our leadership courses are fully accredited by The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). These are powerful qualifications to have on your CV.

We also recognise that you're often busy focussing on core business, so we've introduced a series of short burst leadership training techniques, from breakfast boosts to leadership workshops and round tables. You can meet, and learn from, kindred spirits. You might even want to take advantage of a job swap to help breakthrough to another level or sector. Further your career today by applying here.

Going up in the world

It's good to know that there are ample opportunities across the globe too. You might explore working in a unique culture in another part of the world or simply meet with your international colleagues to share experiences and career wins. In the Netherlands, you can also attend the aspirational Frits Goldschmeding (founder of Randstad) Academy. Our international HQ runs courses from senior sales skills to events for global senior leaders. Your learning with us never draws to an end and the world really is your oyster.

Here's what we say...

"We are a Learning & Development team bursting with recruitment experience and bags of energy. Throw the normal, dull training rulebook out the window and prepare for a fresh, enjoyable experience that really gets results."

Laura Johnstone
Head of Learning & Development
Randstad UK


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